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  • I’ve tried a little experiment and am wondering what you think. We’ve all heard of content marketing, where you write a bunch of useful content targeted at people you want to sell things to and then hope that results in sales. Well, I’ve taken it a step further: I’m doing a little widget marketing. Instead […]

  • Way back in May, I publicly challenged myself to “productize” my business. I’d been a successful consultant, but really wasn’t building any equity in a way that was uncorrelated with my time. From that challenge, I built a productization todo list that included, among other things, coming up with a product. Yeah, go figure. I’ve […]

  • 90 Working Days To Zero Cash

    When I started my quest to create a SaaS churn busting product, I’d already done the math on my business bank account and knew I had cash to last me until January 20th. That’s not super far away, but it does seem comfortably far away. Far away enough that I exhaled a bit and let

    90 Working Days To Zero Cash
  • I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to decide which baby to save and which to let go. It’s not an easy process, but reality dictates that I can’t pursue two different products at the same time. I have to choose one and put all of my energy into that one. So, I want to

    If You Can’t Name It, You Can’t Sell It
  • So, the 20 minutes or so I wasted just now reminds me of a pet peeve of mine: developers who are too eager to jump to things like sun spots, “weird transactional issues”, and bugs in vendor libraries when things aren’t behaving the way they’re supposed to be. Here’s the best advice I can give

    It’s not your language, platform or vendor. You’re just being stupid

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  • We developers and technologists are obsessed with abstractions and generalizations. Tell any developer they will be implementing a series of business rules for an insurance company, and they’ll roll their eyes. Tell the same developer they will be implementing...

  • Maybe it’s my (ancient history) background as an EMT, but I like to use medical metaphors to describe some common themes in software projects. If you liked my post on application guarding you might like this one, too. Many...

  • There’s a medical term called “guarding” where a patient reflexively (possibly unconsciously) tenses or flinches when touched to avoid irritating an internal organ that hurts or is injured. Guarding is such a reliable reaction that it’s actually used as...

  • When most people think of the difference between something Tactical and something Strategic, they often think along one of a few lines: 1) Tactical is short-term and Strategic is long-term, or… 2) Tactical is small and Strategic is big,...

  • 6 years ago
    Adoption Friction

    When you’re trying to get people to adopt a new technology or process, you’re basically trying to fight millions of years of evolution. You’re paddling upsteam against our basic tendency to (all else being equal) do the thing that...

  • One technique I like to use is a concept of a Risk Heap. If you remember from your college days, a heap is a data structure that looks like a tree and efficiently keeps the item with the highest...

  • 10 years ago
    Decision algebra

    Since entering managerdom, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how people make decisions and how to figure out the value of those decisions. The way I figure it, any given decision you have to make has a...

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