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We are always looking for talented contract developers and architects. Even if we don’t have anything for you this minute, new projects are coming up every month so if you are available and interested please let us know.


Must Have

We are not a run-of-the-mill contracting company. Our services are high-leverage, which means we concentrate on solving real business problems in the most surgical and efficient way possible instead of soaking our clients for every billable hour we can. Consequently, we need talented technologists who are flexible and can understand our clients’ needs.

To be a part of our team, you must have the following arrows in your quiver:

  • Conversant in More Than One Programming Language
  • We have found that developers who are conversant in two or more languages are more flexible and have a deeper understanding of technology in general. And, no, HTML does not count as one of those two languages. Languages we often use on client engagements include: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript (not just “onClick” type stuff) and C#. But at the end of the day we fit our language choice to our client’s needs, and not to our own personal preference.

  • Comfortable Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Clients bring us in because they have a business problem to solve, but don’t know exactly how to solve it. Our job is to distill what we hear from multiple stakeholders into a coherent solution. We must bring order to chaos. Not all technologists are comfortable with this ambiguity and that’s OK. But anyone working for us must be.

  • Able to Talk to People as Well as Computers
  • Our engagements involve a lot of direct engagement with technical and non-technical people alike. Consultants from Thedwick, LLC must be comfortable switching quickly from tech speak to business speak and back again, sometimes several times in the same conversation. And clear written communication is an absolute must.


Doesn’t Hurt

There are other skills that aren’t strictly necessary, but they definitely don’t hurt your case and may expand the kind of assignments you are eligible for.

  • Sharp Business Acumen
  • Most of our engagements require understanding a client’s business deeply and recommending how to move forward. A sharp business mind that understands cost and benefit from a whole-company point of view, not just a technology point of view, will do best on our engagements. Some of our clients are early-stage startups where a bad technology decision that has adverse business consequences can sink the entire company.

  • Up To Date on Cutting Edge Technology
  • We are on the verge of another technology explosion. Many of our clients need to navigate emerging trends in cloud computing, functional programming, and new languages like Scala. We help them understand how to apply those technologies and are not afraid of saying “no, that’s just not for you.” Consequently, we need technologists who are not just fanboys, but are people who understand new technology and have the judgement to apply it where it will make the most difference and the self control to stick with tried-and-true technologies where they are more appropriate.


Still Interested?

If you’re interested in getting in line for our next opportunity, please email and attach a PDF of your resume and explain in the body of the email how you fit our “must haves” and “doesn’t hurts.” We look forward to hearing from you.

♦ End

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