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Here are just a few examples of what our approach has been able to do for clients.

  • CafePress
  • CafePress is the world’s customization engine. With more than 200 million products available for purchase, CafePress wanted help designing and implementing a system to automatically submit the subset most likely to sell to shopping search engines like Google Shopping and marketplaces like and Through our Architecture and Technical Design service, Thedwick, LLC helped design a system from scratch and implement it in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

  • AmpliFIND Music Services
  • Amplifind Music Services wanted to better understand the technical state of its current product and develop a plan to best position it for the growth they anticipated in the next several years. Through our Architecture and Technical Design service, Thedwick, LLC was able to provide a thorough assessment of the product’s architecture and highlight its strengths. We also recommended cost-effective ways to improve the product without jeopardizing their current customer base or ability to provide ongoing enhancements.

  • Presynct Technologies
  • Presynct Technologies wanted to find ways to further improve their application’s performance and keep their product evolving with the latest advances in Java technology. Through our Application Performance Improvement service we were able to eliminate locking and make Presynct’s already speedy application up to six times faster. Through our Architecture and Technical Design service we were able to help Presynct understand their options for evolving the data access layers of the application to stay ahead of the Java technology curve.

  • Accretive Asset Management
  • Accretive Asset Management was anticipating a period of rapid growth, so they wanted to stay ahead of the curve by automating portions of the business that were the most time sensitive. Through our Architecture and Technical Design service, we were able to design a solution that was neither too complicated for a growing company nor too constrained for their future expectations. Followed up with our Custom Software Development service, we were able to deliver the solution on time and under budget.

  • CSRWare, Inc.
  • CSRWare wanted to expand the reach of their product to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Thedwick, LLC helped identify specific pieces of functionality that would best leverage the company’s existing investment in their SaaS solution and also best leverage the cloud. Through our Emerging Technology Research service we implemented a data collection API that allows CSRWare’s clients to automatically collect energy usage data straight from their data centers. This use of the cloud was so innovative that the company was able to present it to Microsoft customers and partners at an Azure Cloud event.

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