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  • Custom Software Development
  • If you have a need to fill, we can write the software to do it. We specialize in enterprise software and Web software, but are comfortable in many other areas, too. Our focus is on solving your problem, not trying out the latest and greatest technology fad on your dime.

  • Application Performance Improvement
  • We’ve found over time that the hairiest performance problems will not be solved by tweaking a database parameter here or a file system setting there, but instead by looking at your application holistically and determining the root cause of your problems. With this holistic approach, you should expect orders-of-magnitude improvements, not just minor, incremental fixes. If performance is the only thing holding back your application, you can extend its life (sometimes by years) simply by enlisting us for a performance-improvement engagement.

  • Architecture and Technical Design
  • If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea, but you need help nailing down technical details and communicating them to an offshore or contracting partner, we can help. With years of design and architecture experience, we can work out the thornier tangles in your product and help translate your vision into specifications that are clear enough for lower-cost developers to implement.

  • Emerging Technology Research
  • Interested in leveraging the cloud, but not sure where to start? Heard great things about Ruby on Rails, but not sure if it’s a good choice for you? We can help by developing a deep understanding of your product or your IT environment and making recommendations on how best to use emerging technologies to solve your business problems. If the bleeding edge ultimately isn’t a good choice for you, we’re not afraid to tell you that, either.

  • Software Archeology and Forensics
  • Things happen. For any number of reasons–developer turnover, mergers, acquisitions–you might find yourself with a code base that nobody understands and that can’t be modified. We have a number of tools and techniques for reverse-engineering these applications and helping you build on the investment you’ve made instead of throwing it away and starting over. (read more)

  • Integration
  • We have a number of relationships with third party software vendors to integrate their technology with your back end systems or to customize their offerings to suit your business needs. We also come up to speed quickly on new products, so if you have anything that needs integration of customization let us know. (read more)

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